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right now at 11:00, a baby
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in maryland found dead. her teenaged brother charged with murder. neighbors react to the chilling news from police. plus, digging out from the massive blizzard in the northeast. >> this is a bad storm. >> roads and airport runways getting cleared, but power still out for hundreds of thousands, and some cities buried under more than 3 feet of snow. and good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. travel bans lifted in connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts. drivers being told to stay off the roads so plows can clear the snow out. as for air travel, logan airport in boston opening one runway. flights have resumed at new york's major airports and more than 100 sunday flights are canceled on top of the 5,000 already wiped out by the storm. amtrak says it will have limited service from new york to boston tomorrow, but still more than 550,000 people without power at this hour. and the weather tonight is being blamed for at least ten deaths.
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jay gray with more on the impact of this massive storm. >> reporter: the wind and snow has finally stopped and across new england, the focus has turned to what will be a difficult recovery. >> the state police and the national guard have been out in force and working in tandem. >> reporter: but these are the most important teams right now, crews working through brutal conditions to try and restore power to hundreds of thousands, many still without any heat. >> or, we're working pretty hard. 16-hour shifts in this weather, that's tough. >> reporter: it's been tough to dig out dozens of cars, most abandoned at the height of the storm. across the region, many of the roads have reopened now, but are very messy, and public transportation for the most part is still offline. which means those who want to get around have to get creative. >> going down the hill. trying to ski in boston for the
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first time in any life. >> reporter: skis, sleds, even a kayak helped some. but for longer trips, airports have reopened. flight options are still very limited. for most here, the journey is not as much about distance as it is determination. their destination getting back to the things were before the storm. jay gray, nbc news, boston. also tonight about 30 miles of the long island expressway will be completely closed tomorrow so crews can plow the road. this after hundreds of drivers were trapped on the expressway for hours overnight. rescue crews couldn't get to them, and many spent the night in the cars. even some snowplows were no match for the 30-inches of snow on the road. forklifts were brought in. rescue crews took people to warming centers and the national guard was deployed on snow moebl
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mobiles. long island didn't see the worst of it, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with a look at the highest snowfall totals from the massive storms. these are impressive numbers, chuck. >> they most certainly are, jim. three years ago today and tomorrow was the last in our big blizzard stretch of 2009-2010 winter. look at the snow totals. hamden, connecticut, 40 inches of snow. almost 3 1/2 feet of snow there. worcester, 29 inches, spencer, 31. 25 inches in boston. number five snowfall on record in boston. goffstown, new hampshire, 28 inches. portland, maine, almost 32 inches of snow. all-time record. and 30 inches in islip. 12 inches in new york city. 23 inches in scarsdale and cut off very quickly to the south.
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point pleasant, new jersey, 9 inches of snow. what about your sunday planner? off to a clear and cold start. temperatures? teens and 20s to get you started. up near 40 by lunchtime tomorrow. talk about the rest of tomorrow, the next little rain chance, and snow chance mid week, talk about the snow chance, jim. jim cantore, i'm sorry. >> reporter: good evening, a chilly night in boston, massachusetts, after expected after a fresh snowfall like this. skies clear out, winds die down, and temperatures drop. temperatures below zero. either way, hundreds of thousands of people across new england without power and here in boston, all about digging up, but i will tell you, the good news, they never got behind, even with snowfall rates at 2 inches per hour last night. some cases 3 inches per hour. gusts to hurricane force at logan airport, we see the roads, very passable. we came from the boston common, about a mile and a half to
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copley plaza, and didn't have many problems at all. airports, getting up and running, single runway operation. more clearing tomorrow. slowly but surely as we get back into a new workweek, boston will be back up and running. the problem is, the same storm in the plains right now promising a threat of ice for those under 2 to 3 feet of snow right now. back to you. >> all right, jim cantore, thanks. we're learning more tonight here at home about the death of a 7-month-old in montgomery county. her 14-year-old brother charged as an adult with murder. what police say happen when the two siblings were left home on their own. >> reporter: police tell me the murder happened right here inside this apartment building. a 14-year-old accused of killing his baby sister. police say she was beaten, and when she wouldn't stop crying, she was suffocated. this is the apartment where the killing was allegedly committed. montgomery county police say the
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14-year-old white oak boy took the life of his 7-month-old sister because she wouldn't stop crying. the teen was put in charge of the baby while the mother worked an overnight shift. >> i don't know if this was a routine or if there was something infrequent or even the first time. >> reporter: 14-year-old johnathan aguiluc charged with premeditated murder. he confessed to beating the baby, larissa yanes. he held his hand over her mouth and nose until she stopped crying and put her in a car seat. >> a 14-year-old. i don't even know what to say. >> reporter: gloria yanes left for work 10:30 thursday night, got home at 5:30 and found her baby in the car seat unresponsive. baby lahr united states d
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baby larissa died later that morning. in maryland, it's legal for kids as young as 12 to babysit alone. >> when i was 14, i took care of my brothers and sisters. it depends on how responsible the kid is, and that depends on how responsible the parents are. >> reporter: i asked the attorney's office, could the mom face charges in connection with the murder investigation? it is possible, but right now too soon to say. in white oak, maryland, darcy spencer, news 4. a woman killed by police in bladensburg. tonya buggs was shot last night after responding to a disturbance here at her apartment on 53rd avenue. police say buggs opened the door and lunged at them with a knife. the police chief tells us three officers opened fire, they have all been placed on routine administrative leave while prince georges county police look into the incident. new developments tonight in the manhunt for an excop believed to kill three people in southern california.
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surveillance video from law enforcement sources show christopher dorner throwing items in a dumpster in san diego. dorner throws away a magazine, ammunition and an lapd uniform. also new tonight, the los angeles police chief says the department will reopen the investigation that led to dorn evedorner being fired. he is targeting officers and families for retribution. tonight, work going on behind closed doors to get something done on capitol hill. plus, big money raised in d.c. today by runners with very little clothing. and on saturday night live, two words. justin bieber. a look ahead to his first
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first lady michelle obama among hundreds of mourners in chicago for the funeral for a 15-year-old girl. services for hadiya pendleton held there earlier today. shot in late january, just a few days after performing at events here in washington for the president's inauguration. she was an innocent victim in a gang-related shooting. legislation to require universal background checks is gaining steam in congress. a bipartisan group of senator s could create a bill in the senate there are certain transactionses that would still be exempt. the group is considering ways to make mental health records easier for review during the sale. president obama is expected
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to address gun control in his state of the union address. but the economy will take center stage. the majority of the president's speech is expected to focus on job creation and economic growth and will mention immigration, climate change and ending the war in afghanistan. the president will take his jobs plan on the road, starting on wednesday. record-setting blizzard wasn't enough to stop fans of justin bieber tonight. they get what they were camping out. the teen sensation hosting "saturday night live." and up next, chuck with a look at how things are shaping up tomorrow and when
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prepare for your bieber fever tonight on "saturday night live." a two-per. justin bieber the musical guest and host. some of the die-hard fans started lining up, braving the snowstorm and freezing temperatures just to try to get stand by tickets to the show. bieber a musical guest in 2010, but this is the first time he will actually be hosting the show. "snl" after news 4 at 11:00. clothing, extremely optional today around capitol hill. more than 1,000 scantily clad runners there for the cupid undie run. this year, even george, abe, and teddy took part. it takes place in 17 cities across the country, plus a few down under in australia, the race here today raised more than
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$250,000. that guy with the tutu on, he goes all out. >> he has gone all out and raised a lot of money for charity. a good thing. >> a great cause. you talked about some mess in the seven-day, coming up? >> a little chance first thing monday morning, before most of us wake up. bigger chance maybe later on in the week. in the short term, you get to enjoy the second half of your weekend without all of the strong winds we had to tolerate today. plenty of sunshine on saturday. but, boy, did you ever need a windbreaker, hat, and your gloves and scarves, all that stuff required today. wind chills in the 20s and 30s for the afternoon. look at ronald reagan national airport, the winds have finally faded away. 43 the high temperature. i mentioned it in first weather. february 9, 2010, the last of the big blizzards.
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since then, the last three full years, we've only had 13.6 inches of snow in the last three years here, compared to all of our friends in new england who got two and three feet of snow in the last two days. for now, 33 in washington. winds have eased up a bit. out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. even the 5 to 10-mile-an-hour wind has lowered. air temperatures in the mid 20s to the north and west, just enough of a freeze out there. wind chills in the low to mid 20s. that is the story as you get up tomorrow morning. these are startout temperatures tomorrow morning. low 20s and upper teens on the map to the north and west. below freezing pretty much everywhere. by 3:00, 4:00, a decent amount of sunshine. temperatures, low 40s, and nearing in on 50 down across parts of virginia you travel. nothing going on. radar 100% dry today. through the rest of tonight, for most of tomorrow as well. plenty of sunshine on sunday.
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clouds coming back late. by 2:00, 3:00 in the morning on monday morning. predawn, a chance deepest parts of the shenandoah valley, chance of a little bit of iceiness before it changes over to rain, monday afternoon, temperatures in the 50s. just talking about a brief time. for tomorrow, morning temperatures, 20s and 30s, but kind of on the chilly side for sure. and temperatures up in the low to mid 40s. here is your seven-day forecast. a nice one tomorrow. and a slight little chance northern maryland, mountains of west virginia for iceiness. don't see that being a big problem. little better chance wednesday, wednesday night to thursday. little bigger system, trying to get going off the coast, and a little closer call for us than the big blizzard we saw go to new england. a little chance. i'm optimistic we could get something. >> only 13 inches in three years, so -- >> thanks.
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the caps get a
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this may be even bigger than bieber on "snl." >> now, that's what we're talking about, unleashing the fury at verizon center. the high-flying red rocking version of hockey has returned to d.c. 3 1/2 weeks into the season, it feels like it's been forever. never say never. if you have forgotten what it feels like, we present the highlights versus the florida panthers, rd-3 did it for the wizards and zimmerman, good luck guest of the caps. and the buck makes its way to
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john carlton, the wrister going in the net. troy brewer geo braugher with t deflection, and second period, caps on the power play, and panthers clear it, check it out. pass inside to brauer. two goals for brauer and thanks his goaltender for the assist in that one, got you, buddy, thank you. and 3-0 lead off the face-off. it's o bnovechkin, first even strength goal for ovechkin. they win 5-0. you heard me right. 5-0 the final. >> most complete game we've played all season and maybe since i've been here and tonight is a game we need to model the rest of our season after. everything working in our direction and because we were working hard. >> forgetting about the fast
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past for sure, and we made a good effort from everybody, and congrats to holtz as well, and hopefully we can carry it over next week. >> nice to hear them cheering for us instead of booing. sometimes the boos are well deserved this game was good for us. >> see if they can keep it going. caps back at it on tuesday, versus the same panthers, this time in florida. college hoops, maryland and virginia in a border battle tomorrow. no one needs to remind coach mark turjin is number four duke is next weekend. >> who? >> yeah, number four duke. the most important one on the schedule is always the next one. >> we don't ever overemphasize a game, but tomorrow is a big game for us, and just like virginia tech was a big game, just like wake farthest was a big game and florida state before that they are all big. we'll prepare like we always do,
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and hopefully we will go out and play well. i know we'll have a great crowd tomorrow. and the crowd is never -- never doubted us, continue to come and be behind us, and that's a good feeling. >> get out your gray patch paint, tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. meantime, 20th ranked georgetown, with a scare against r rutgers, hanging tough. eli carter for rutgers, big-time three. pulling it back, letting fly. game high 23 for carter, ties it up at 44-44. rutgers up one on the run. nick lubic, stealing. makes it look so easy. 20 points for starks. hoyas up by one. georgetown, one-point lead. otto porter, gets it down low and gets it to go somehow, some way. and one. 19 points for the sophomore. georgetown escapes 69-63.
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georgetown 'fifty straight win. to the soldout smith center, gorge washington fans so pumped up. number 14 butler intown. pick it up in the second half. clark knows what to do with it, jaynes the j and gives butler the biggest lead of the game, 17 points. g.w. cuts it to five with a minute to play. frantic effort down the stretch. smith spins, doesn't score. rebound, misses and the tip cuts it to three. following an inbound violates, g.w., last few seconds a chance to tie it. kromah, doesn't get it in time. almost knocked off the number 14 team in the country. 59-56. mason nation, dressed in saturday best to welcome delaware. george mason trails by seven. allen finds arlidge inside for
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the dunk. patriots cut it to four at the break. splits the d for two, 20 points for threat. and later in the half, threet don't fail me now to devon sadler, the three ball for him, game-high 22 for sadler. and blue hens beat george mason. pretty good day for sports. and the icing on the cake is pitchers and catchers reporting this week tuesday. >> oh, around the corner, chuck. spring. >> this is the national's year. did we mention justin beeber is host almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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